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David LK Murphy: Music & Lyrics

I Will Stay (clip & Lyrics)

(David LK Murphy)
June 1, 2006
These headphones are a helmet to protect me in a world where people throw stones without care for whom they hurt. If stupid had a scent it would probably be there breath, sour milk sucked from the breasts of ignorance.

I will stay, if you want me to.
I will leave just as soon.
I don't want to live, if I can't get what I give. So if it hurts I better deserve it.

I've been able/Abel bodied and I've walked with Cain/cane. Weather in my knee and it feels like rain. I bury my boots when I'm done with them, because they deserve that kind of reverence. They keep me moving on.

I will stay, if you want me to.
I will leave just as soon.
You won't see me come. You won't see me leave. But once I'm gone, the air will be thin and harder to breathe.

No I won't blame the pleasure for the pain. I won't blame my blood for the wound that bleeds. Silence might fight words in a battle that I can't see. Still I won't be pulling teeth. Nor biting my tongue just because it's not my turn to speak. It's my turn to speak. Mama, it's making me weak.